Mental Health Family Tree

Do you or any of your family members


Wonder if depressive disorders run in your family?


Wish to work with your clinician better, to get well?


Need a way to help your family understand that depressive disorders can be treated, and are not a shameful family secret?

If so, then the Mental Health Family Tree Program may help you address these concerns.

Read more about how the Mental Health Family Tree helps families unravel the diagnosis puzzle.

Similar to other medical conditions like heart disease or certain cancers, depressive disorders often run in families. The more you know about your family’s mental health history, the more you can help a doctor get you or a family member well.

After completing a simple questionnaire, you can print an easy-to-read “family tree” that maps the existence of behaviors associated with depression or bipolar disorder in your family. You can then share this family tree with your doctor or family. This builder is completely anonymous, and your personal information will not be saved.


*Important! To build your Mental Health Family Tree, you must accept the disclaimer and you must enable cookies on your browser.
Once you begin building your online Mental Health Family Tree, please do not close out of the program until your Mental Health Family Tree is complete. If you close out of the program before you are finished, your information will be lost, as data are not stored to ensure your confidentiality.